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Enerac Model 700 Base unit: All Model 700 Base Units come complete and measures O2 (Oxygen), CO (Carbon Monoxide) SEM Sensor Dual Range (Dual range is not available if Combustible Sensor is Selected), Draft (not available with pitot tube/velocity option), Combustibles, Stack & Ambient Temperature, Computes Efficiency, CO2 & Excess air.; with a 4&8 line 128 x 64 pixel dual display with backlight, Emissions Calculation, Auto Zero, RS-232 Port, USB port, Rechargeable Battery, AC Adapter, Built-In Printer, Storage (400 Complete Test Printouts), Blue Tooth, Enercom Software cd, Travel Case, in-line filter, roll of printer paper, manual, Calibration Certificate and a Two Year Warranty on the Unit and a Two Year Warranty (Pro-Rated) on the Sensors

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