Information on enerac products


Q- Why do we need to have a combustibles sensor?

A- Combustibles sensor tells you if you have unburned Hydrocarbons (I % level = a 10% loss in Combustion Efficiency)

Q- Do you still service every unit that you have made?

A- Yes & we are the only brand that services every unit that we have ever made

Q- Is the Enerac 500 or 700 a true Hand Held Nox Analyzer?

A- Yes because we have a Thermo Cooler that is attached to the analyzer. All other brands have separate conditioning systems

Q- Is your unit made in a plastic or metal case?

A-     We are the only brand made in a metal case  (takes a beating)

Q- If we have a problem how do we get in touch with you?

A- We are the only brand that you can get in touch with us 7 days a week to all other brands you are just an account #

Q- Do you take trade in’s?

A- Yes we do & on any brand of combustion analyzer

Q- If I want to upgrade can I & if so how do I do it?

A-     Yes buy what you want now & upgrade to other sensors in the future . Just send it back & we can install the new options

Q- Where is your unit made?

A-     Our units are made in the USA ever since we invented the first electronic portable emissions analyzer back in 1979


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